The unparalleled, ultimate solidity of a dial that you can enjoy through FIVE WINDOWS.


The case-in-case structure is like a microcosm enclosing time. You can enjoy the overwhelming solidity and massiveness of the dial plate through the five windows in the windshield, back lid, and case sides. The views through the five sapphire glass windows are silent like the snowy view of a Japanese garden through a sliding paper door or circular window, representing the delicate beauty that varies with the time.

FIVE WINDOWS 18K(ファイブウィンドウズ 18K)
FIVE WINDOWS 18K(ファイブウィンドウズ 18K)

VM03 series


FIVE WINDOWS 18K(ファイブウィンドウズ)VM03-K18PG-KDB

USD 16,500

FIVE WINDOWS 18K(ファイブウィンドウズ)VM03-K18YG-KBK

USD 16,500

FIVE WINDOWS(ファイブウィンドウズ)

Sallaz polishing is a substrate preparation technique for achieving accurate mirror surface processing. It is a phantom polishing technique that few craftsmen can perform well even in Switzerland; it is a craftsman’s skill that MINASE excels at globally.
Sallaz polishing is the pinnacle of delicate work requiring about 500 processes to prepare a single watch.

FIVE WINDOWS(ファイブウィンドウズ)

Note that the hands are slightly curved at the end in order to capture the solidity even more beautifully.
Also, the case-in-case structure is an essential feature of the HiZ Series. Ultimate beauty is achieved by extremely precise stacking of the independent movement, dial plate, and index through careful polishing and patient work.

FIVE WINDOWS(ファイブウィンドウズ)

You can enjoy the solid look of the triple combination of the movement, dial plate, and index through the side windows. The metal parts with different surface finishes harmonize with the sapphire glass. Enjoy the craftsmanship that cannot be seen from the front.

FIVE WINDOWS(ファイブウィンドウズ)

The crown is usually cylindrical, but the HiZ Series adopts a polyhedral crown. By applying sallaz polishing to every single face, even the tiny crown has an attractive luster. The new logo of MINASE is engraved with the pride of our brand.

MORE Structure


We make products that will be treasured for more than 100 years, thanks partly to the MORE structure*. This is MINASE’s original structure inspired by Japanese traditional wooden puzzles and characterized by the contrast between the mirror and hairline-finished surfaces. Unlike common belts, there are no pinholes on the sides of segments, which yields a compact design. Since all exterior parts can be disassembled, only the necessary parts can be repaired or replaced in case of damage. The MORE structure reduces the burden of permanent maintenance and is indispensable for making watches that will be treasured for over 100 years.

* Pat. No. 4671327 / Pat. No. 4674698

Sallaz Polishing


Sallaz polishing in watchmaking is like work done behind the scene. It is a substrate preparation technique for obtaining beautiful, distortion-free surfaces, and involves more than 500 processes taking no less than 15 hours. MINASE is almost the only watch brand that employs such a time-consuming polishing technique in the world. However, a clear and beautiful mirror surface can be achieved only by making such effort before finishing the case. High-precision sallaz polishing is also indispensable for the delicate MORE structure. Sallaz polishing and the MORE structure are inseparable in MINASE’s watchmaking.

Case in Case


Case in case is one of the greatest characteristics of the MINASE HiZ series.
The dial in the case acts as the second case covering the movement, which is held from the top by separate indexes. This configuration achieves a super three-dimensional structure, creating an unparalleled space. All surfaces of parts are sallaz-polished, creating a uniquely serene look.