MINASE rubber bands are made of EPDM (ethylene propylene diene rubber) and are highly durable. The surface and back of the rubber body also have MINASE’s unique design details.

!! Notes on sending your watch to Japan !!

・The replacement fee is free.
・The invoice is required when sending the watch to Japan.
・When sending to Japan, be sure to include “this watch for repair” and “No commercial value” on the invoice.
・The number of invoices required to be attached to the shipment depends on the shipping company, so please check by yourself.
・The customer is responsible for shipping costs.
・We recommend that you to add a guarantee service, e.g. from a transport company, to your shipment.

Strap for DIVIDO – VM14/VM04 –

Rubber strap

Made-to-order production

Delivery will take about 1 month after we receive an order.