Uruga 42

Uruga 42

Mature elegance born of dazzling contrast

Uruga is a line of watches designed with a unique contrast between the sharp edges and the smooth curvature that embody MINASE’s bold yet intricate aesthetic style.
The four separate parts of the elaborately faceted bezel give a brilliant finish and showcase how the prongs secure the gemstones on jewelry, creating a modern and refined look along with the glass that has a slight vertical curvature.
The horizontal gradation pattern on the dial is inspired by the glittering, languid waters of the Minase River, conveying an elegant, subtle and mature classiness.

Self-winding type KT7002 (ETA2892 base) date display
5 atm water resistant
Sapphire glass
Case size: W42.0 x H48.0 x T10.2 mm

Uruga 42
Uruga 42
Uruga 42
Uruga 42

Uruga 42 Bracelet model


USD 5,450


USD 5,450


USD 5,450

Uruga 42 Leather model


USD 4,250


USD 4,250


USD 4,250

MORE structure

The MORE structure ensures perpetual maintenance.

Our philosophy is to make watches that can last and be treasured for over a century, so we invented the MORE* structure. Inspired by the traditional Japanese craft of kumiki-zaiku (wood interlocking work), the MORE structure enables a watch to be disassembled into all its constituent parts. As this allows any single part of a watch to be replaced as needed, it prolongs the watch’s usable lifespan while reducing the need for maintenance.

*Minase Original Rebuilding Equation: MINASE has one registered patent (patent no. 4671327) related to watches and another registered patent related to watch bands (patent no. 4674698).

Sallaz polishing

MINASE’s signature finish attained by its world-class sallaz polishing technique

MINASE excels at Sallaz polishing, a machining technique, like no other. This unique technique, which originated with Swiss machining equipment called sallaz many years ago , is a method of preparing the substrate before surface finishing a watch’s case. Usually, the processes of manufacturing a watch’s case involve forging and cutting followed by buffing to achieve the desired surface quality. However, if the substrate is prepared with the sallaz technique before the final buffing, the polished surface will achieve a perfectly clear mirror finish with minimal distortion. Come try on a MINASE watch to see its dazzling finish for yourself.

clamping case structure

MINASE’s proprietary clamping case structure

The clamping case structure involves inserting the glass between the bezel and the case and clamping them together from underneath, which makes the watch more water-resistant.
Luna Arch is designed with the bezel placed on top of the glass similar to the bezel-setting technique used in jewelry-making. This structure exposes the rim of the sapphire crystal glass placed beneath the bezel so that it can be seen from the side across the entire circumference, giving it an airy look.
Meanwhile, Uruga features a structural design wherein the bezel, the glass, and the case are clamped together from both top and bottom using four separate parts, resembling how gemstones are set on pieces of jewelry.