Komon was born from plants, and the patterns have been loved since ancient times. The continuous beautiful patterns are not exclusive of Japan, but also similar to old European patterns. Feeling the connection of countries which has been passed on by the flow of people, the design was born. The difficulty of Komon lies in the orderly pattern. It is difficult not to make it monotonous and old-fashioned, and a new expression was achieved by dividing it into three parts. The size of each one pattern was particularly small, and it was a challenge to the limit of drawing with a brush. And the craftsman was also conscious of the color. Chic shades of blue and gray without using flashy colors. It would suit Komon’s history and precise lacquer work, thusly it suits the watch that spins with history.


Self-winding type KT7002 (ETA2892 base) date display
5 atm water resistant
Stainless steel
Urushi Makie Dial (the face is decorated with Japanese lacquer and maki-e art)
Sapphire glass
Leather strap (crocodile embossed) / D-buckle
Case size: W37.4 x H46.5 x T13 mm (including glass)
Total weight: Approx. 89 g

Strap size

Standard size (M) 12 o’clock side: 130 mm/6 o’clock side: 65 mm/7 holes (6 mm pitch)
Short size (S) 12 o’clock side: 115 mm/6 o’clock side: 50 mm/7 holes (6 mm pitch)
Long size (L) 12 o’clock side: 145 mm/6 o’clock side: 80 mm/7 holes (6 mm pitch)

Built-to-order :

The delivery lead time for this Urushi Makie Dial is usually 2 to 3 months.
If the dial is in stock, it will be faster.
Please note that the finish on this model varies slightly from one watch to the next because it is handcrafted by our artisans.
To obtain more information, please use the inquiry form below.
We recommend that you check the delivery date before ordering.

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